field of mint plants that Pure Wild Tea uses to produce their organic mint tea
Our teas grow wild in Berks County, PA

and the surrounding areas. It is pure with no additives or preservatives, just the way mother earth left it!

A Little about Pure Wild Tea

Our teas are made by mint that is grown wild in Berks County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. It is pure with no additives or preservatives, just the way mother earth left it. As a child, I would take a basket and scissors and hunt the wild tea along the creeks, in meadows, and in the woods. My mother would boil water and steep the wild leaves, then add sugar, cool it, and serve it cold in the hot hay fields.

Ten years ago, I dug up some wild mint along a country road and transplanted it to my garden. Each year it grew and spread. Today, we have acres of local tea leaves planted so that we can share this delightful drink with you. This refreshing drink recipe was passed down through six generations of my Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors. Keep the tradition going by trying this refreshing, cool, organic mint tea today!

Sherry Fuhrmann

Our Teas

Lemon Balm
Apple Mint
Strawberry Mint
Chocolate Mint
Anise Hyssop
Rootbeer Rooibos

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Did You Know?

• At Pure Wild Tea we raise our own mint that we use for making our meadow tea.

• We make our tea in small hand-made 50 gallon batches.

• We use a scissors and cut each plant by hand, this ensures only the finest leaves are used.

• The fresh mint leaves that we use, go straight from the tea field into the processing room. They are not dried leaves like other tea companies.


• Only three ingredients everyone can understand: water, mint tea leaves, and real sugar! Wow!


The crisp clear color accentuates how pure our teas are compared to other teas. Our mint teas are fresh brewed using real leaves, not made from a powder or liquid concentrate, that's why our tea is so clear. You can taste the difference!

This incredible mint tea can be drank hot or cold. If you want it hot, pop off the metal lid and put it in the microwave.
No need to look for sugar or dirty a spoon or mug. Just heat and drink!

Pure Wild Tea meets the Healthy Kids Act of 2010.

We meet this healthy kid initiative with a 12 ounce, 50 calorie, barely sweet, hot-filled PET bottle with a tamper-resistant cap. If you are a school organization looking for a healthy drink alternative that tastes great, you are in the right place. Your students are in for a treat! Interested in scheduling a sampling for your students and staff? Contact Pure Wild Tea to set up a sampling!

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Berks County, PA
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