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Berks County, PA

Pure Wild Tea takes the traditional tea making of PA and preserves it in a bottle. When you drink a bottle of Pure Wild Tea’s meadow mint tea, it will remind you of home. Our teas grow wild in Berks County PA and the surrounding areas. It is pure with no additives or preservatives. This refreshing drink recipe was passed down through six generations of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors. Keep the tradition going by trying this refreshing, cool, organic mint tea. There are NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORINGS. NO SODIUM, NO CHOLESTEROL, NO CAFFEINE, NO GMO’S, GLUTEN FREE, KOSHER.
We are located at 78 North Northkill Rd Bernville Pa 19506. call us at 610-488-7263 or 610-223-3207, and email us anytime at Tell us what store you would like to see us in!
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